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    Theftproof composite manhole cover
    Category:Industry news   Publish:2017-04-21 09:15:45   View:2372次 [Back]
    1, the new composite manhole cover can effectively prevent theft. Without any reinforcement, is a thermosetting polymer, no recycling value, completely solve the problem of theft.

    2, the bearing strength of the new composite manhole cover is very high, the structure of the bottom of the pot is more uniform and reasonable, and the bearing capacity of the utility model is better than that of the same cast iron manhole cover.

    3, have good decorative effect. According to the needs of customers, production with the use of matching colors.

    4, and convenient security checks. The new composite manhole cover is light weight, only 1/3 of the weight of the cast iron manhole cover.

    5, good wear resistance and insulation. The utility model relates to a novel composite manhole cover, which comprises a wear resistant material.

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