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    What is the SMC manhole cover ?
    Category:Industry news   Publish:2016-04-20 10:07:21   View:1426次 [Back]

    What is the SMC manhole cover ?

    SMC is the short form of Sheet Moulding Compound. It is composed of resin , fiberglass and other chemical polymer. This a raw material for mold pressing .

    The core is chopped strand and unsaturated polyester resins paste that are covered by LDPE&HDPE sheet , with a thickness of 3mm-6mm,600mm-1200mm width and is packed in rolls or boxes .

    During production ,to cut , weigh the raw material and then put it into a mould opening. After a high pressure and temperature preservation for set time, final product is finished and will be transported to next working station.

    smc manhole cover is a kind of FRP manhole cover which is a kind of sheet material cover that developed by Jieqiang , which is short for Sheet Moulding Compound . It is made up of fiberglass and unsaturated polyester resin . Comparing with other material , it has a higher stretch resistance and bend resistance .

    Comparing with the traditional ductile cast iron , SMC manhole cover owns very similar or even better performance at testing load rating. SMC manhole cover is able to meet and xceed A15/B125/C250/D400/E600/F900 loading rating, according to EN124 .Meanwhile , SMC manhole cover wellsolves the theft and potential problems caused by thieves , as SMC is zero cycle value .

    Advantages of SMC manhole cover compare with other material :
    1,higher stretch resistance and bend resistance .
    2,Anti-theft , no cycle value .
    4,durable service life
    5,anti-corrision , anti-slip
    6,UV-proof and V0-flammability rating

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